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New Pipe Organs
Request "How to Purchase Pipe Organ" booklet
Request "Pipe Organ vs. Electronic" information
Interested in Pipe Organ Building 101 educational session - no cost or obligation -
designed to enable an organ committee to make wise decisions about the pipe organ.
Architectural/Tonal design of a new pipe organ
Church construction design assistance
Study of projects and plans
Moving present pipe organ to new building
Redesign present pipe organ to fit new building
Acoustical consultation -
proper acoustics are imperative for good worship music
Assistance with present pipe organ
Adding MIDI capabilities to present pipe organ
Adding new features to present pipe organ-
multiple memory combination action, automatic transposer, self-playing features, etc.
Augmenting your pipe organ with new ranks of pipes
to provide new tone colors in the organ
Rebuilding and restoring a valuable pipe organ
Releathering a pipe organ
Repairs or annual maintenance for a pipe organ
Insurance evaluation of present pipe organ
Trade in electronic organ for new pipe organ
Availability and cost of used pipe organs
Need protection for the pipe organ due to
upcoming sanctuary repairs or renovation?
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