Our Philosophy:

Levsen Organ Company is inclined to build in the American Classical tonal principal. We feel it yields an eclectic instrument that is flexible, as a worship organ should be. We also believe in building affordable organs with state-of-the-art technology using both mechanical and electric action.

Rodney E. Levsen, President of the company, has a deep interest in preserving valuable, historic organs. He is a longtime member of the Organ Historical Society, the International Society of Organ Builders and has been a sustaining member of the AGO since 1965. Along with this he is also a member of the American Institute of Organ Builders (AIO).  

The care of our organs after they are built is important to us. In addition to all of our own organs, we tune and service more than 150 organs in the Upper Midwest. The company is innovative and has created tooling and software that has been accepted and used by other organ builders both domestic and foreign.


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