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Recently Completed Projects:

  • First Lutheran Church Monmouth IL Contracted in 2014 to Upgrade Digital System. This work was completed 1st Quarter 2015
  • Nazareth Lutheran Church Cedar Falls, IA- Contracted in May 2015 New Combination Action & Pipe Repairs & Cleaning.This work was finished in Third quarter 2015.

  • First United Methodist Church Fairfield IA - Contracted in December 2014 to Rebuild Console & Relay this work was  finished 3rd quarter 2015. .

  • First United Methodist Church- Waterloo IA-Contracted in 4th quarter 2014 to rebuild Choir Chests. This work was completed in 1st quarter 2016

  • What's Next:
  • St John Lutheran Church- Preston, IA Releather Bellows  & Cleaning Presently underway and will be completed soon.
  • First United Methodist Church in Creston, IA- Cleaning - to be completed in 2nd quarter 2016.
  • St Matthew Lutheran Church Readlyn, IA- Cleaning - Scheduled to be done second quarter 2016
  • First Presbyterian Church - Burlington IA- Rebuild Console & Relay -Chime repairs 2nd quarter 2016
  • First Presbyterian Church -Creston IA- Rebuild Stop Action scheduled for 2nd quarter 2016

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